Turn trust into improved chemical delivery

Perform at a higher level with reliable, variable-reducing chemical delivery

Back in the day, jukeboxes turned a quarter into playing a favorite song. Up for grabs? The quality of the sound, the volume and what came next.  The only way to prolong the listener’s satisfaction was loading up the box with money to get consistent results, while standing guard over the machine to prevent jarring changes in the playlist.

Even with greater control, there were still myriad variables attached to the listening experience, and no way to alter them. Indeed, many variables can make for jukebox excitement (if there’s not too much bass or a buzzing speaker grate). But when chemical delivery is part of a manufacturing process, control shouldn’t be limited to a few factors. Nor should it require the same operator to physically stand over the dispensing system to deliver consistent results over time.

Kinetics, as an acknowledged leader known as “The Process People,” has demonstrated that a chemical delivery system needs to be in harmony with the entire line. Even though HVM may include many steps that amplify a finished part’s value, the foundational systems must be trustworthy. And that doesn’t change when chemical components and process chemistry are strategically altered over time.

As such, the Kinetics global team has recognized five factors that are significant. These comprise the handful of variables that determine a vendor partner’s worthiness to help customers create, upgrade or retrofit a line, no matter how many shifts are running.

Trust Factor One: SIMPLICITY

Chemical delivery needs to strike a balance between sophistication in tolerances (i.e., small ones) and ease of operation as well as maintenance. In the case with both the Kinetics CD 100 and CD 200 platforms, the dispense system fittings and flow follow clear, common sense patterns.

Trust Factor Two: ADAPTABILITY

Whether transferring from drums or intermediate bulk containers, changeover must be efficient, safe and consistent. In order to provide liquid chemicals throughout a facility, the same level of connectivity must apply to the output side no matter how many process steps are being supplied. This applies to a wide range of flow rates as well.

Trust Factor Three: ACCURACY

Specific levels of flow and purity can’t be coincidences; they must be consistently delivered to critical specifications. The demands of wet process tools need to be elevated to design, build, manufacture and install dispensers matched to the requirements of HVM (and be in keeping with local health and safety standards).

Trust Factor Four: CONTROL

Unlike the jukebox of years past, Kinetics’ approach integrates high reliability controls that feature simple interfaces. This optimizes operator training, provides consistency across shifts, and enables the ability to monitor dispensing performance at a glance. And alarm and warning screens provide next-level management with every liter dispensed.

Trust Factor Five: LONGEVITY

Pumps, filters, cabinets, nozzles, fittings and housings combine ready maintenance access with part-by-part durability. No matter what options from an extensive “play list” are specified, Kinetics’ commitment to sustainable performance starts with materials and designs capable of performance over the long run. MTBF, MTBA and MTTR data bear this out.

Five trust factors. Two proven platforms. Kinetics invites comparison with other chemical delivery options in the marketplace, any place in the world. No other company can demonstrate the same ability to produce quality and volume, no matter what chemistry is pumping out performance. Click HERE to learn more