Kinetics GC 300

System overview

The Kinetics GC 300 Gas Cabinet is a fully-automated gas dispensing system designed to provide an exhausted enclosure for the safe dispensing of toxic and hazardous gases used in semiconductor and photovoltaic manufacturing. The system is intended for highly corrosive, toxic and pyrophoric gases, where the release of these gases would create a severe hazard to humans and equipment. The system features automated vacuum-assisted purging and pressure leak testing of the cylinder connection. Redundant safety features provide automatic system shut-down in the event of gas leaks or other emergency conditions. The PLC-based controller with graphic interface ensures proper sequencing of cylinder operations and also allows for fast and easy trouble-shooting.


  • Automatic shut-down of gas flow under emergency conditions, including internal hardware conditions or an external EMO signal
  • Siemens S7 300 PLC
  • 10-inch HMI Touch Panel, showing
    • System P&ID
    • Alarm and warning screens
    • Sensor, actuator and valve status


  • Hastelloy material within regulator for corrosive gases
  • Nitrogen purge panel, where regulated N2 is not available
  • Co-Axial tube connection, for corrosive and pyrophoric gases
  • Particle Filter, located after regulator, removes particles 0.003 μm
  • Gas Purifier (with integrated filter), located after regulator. Removes contaminants, such as H2O, CO2, O2, and CO to < 1 ppb
  • Excess gas flow sensors and automated cylinder valves, for added safety
  • Cylinder Scale, for determining an empty cylinder for liquid gases
  • Heater and Chiller assemblies, for specific liquid process gases

Key features

  • Automatic gas shut-off valve, for emergencies

  • Accommodates one, two, or three gas cylinders

  • Automated, vacuum-assisted purging during cylinder changes

  • Safety shut-down upon over-pressurization

  • Water sprinkler for fire protection

Safety features

All Kinetics gas cabinets comply with applicable guidelines by:

  • Uniform Fire Code (UFC80) and National Fire
  • Protection Agency (NFPA 318)
  • Semi S2-0200
  • NRTL Listing

Process flow diagrams

Configuration with dual-cylinder operation and automatic cylinder shut-off valves


  • Availability > 99.999%
  • MTBF > 8000 Hours
  • MTBA > 6000 Hours
  • MTTR < 2 Hours

¹Reliability figures represent typical performance.