Kinetics GP 100

System overview

The Kinetics GP 100 Manual Gas Panel is a low-cost, easy-to-operate manual gas dispense panel, intended primarily for non-hazardous gases, such as O2, N2, CF4, SF6, and He. This manually operated gas panel is intended for operations where enclosed gas cabinets are not required or will not fit within the facility. The system has a manually operated gas shut-off valve as standard configuration. An optional automatic gas shut-off valve (with simple controller) is available, when required for safety reasons.


The Kinetics GP 100 Manual Gas Panel has no electronic controller, in the standard configuration. An optional PLC Controller is available to:

  • Shut down gas flow under emergency conditions
  • Responds to a gas leak in the exhaust line
  • Indicates when a gas cylinder is empty


  • Automatic gas shut-off valve, for emergencies

  • Analog gauge on high-pressure side of regulator, with electrical contact to indicate empty cylinder. Connects to an external Building Automation System (one per cylinder)

  • Analog gauge on high-pressure side, with signal to indicate an empty cylinder. Includes simple controller with “Cylinder Empty” light (one per cylinder)

  • Purge gas connection, for cylinder changes (one per cylinder)

  • Cylinder Scale, for determining an empty cylinder for liquid gases (one per cylinder)

  • Gas Sensor in the exhaust line, for leak detection

Key features

  • Manual gas shut-off valve

  • Accommodates one or two gas cylinders

  • Mechanical switch-over, when two cylinders are utilized

  • Manual venting to exhaust line

Safety features

All Kinetics gas panels comply with applicable guidelines by:

  • Uniform Fire Code (UFC80) and National Fire
  • Protection Agency (NFPA 318)
  • Semi S2-0200
  • NRTL Listing

Process flow diagrams

Configuration with single gas cylinder, automatic shut-off valve

Configuration with dual gas cylinders, automatic shut-off valves


  • Availability > 99.999 %
  • MTBF > 8000 Hours
  • MTBA > 6000 Hours
  • MTTR < 2 Hours

¹Reliability figures represent typical performance.