Kinetics CD 100

System overview

The Kinetics CD 100 Chemical Dispense System is a simple, low-cost chemical transfer or dispense system. The unit pumps liquid chemical from drum or IBC source containers and distributes throughout the factory to various wet process tools. The system is very configurable, to provide the specific levels of flow and purity that meet your tool and process requirements.


  • Allen-Bradley SLC 500 or Siemens series PLC
  • Simple, push-button system controls
  • Optional Allen-Bradley Panel view 550 or SiemensTP177B HMI, displaying:
    • System P&ID status
    • Alarm and warning screens
    • Distribution valve box status
    • Pump and filter runtime screens
    • Password-protected maintenance screens
    • Manual activation of valves and pumps
    • Connectivity to factory control system


  • Back-up pump for redundancy
  • Pulsation dampeners, for improved filter performance
  • Chemical filter housings (10” or 20”), with recirculation
  • DayTank, for buffer storage capacity
  • Day tank recirculation, for low particle levels
  • Fab-wide recirculation
  • Cabinets for source drums and day tank (up to 500L)
  • Up to 3 chemical outlet valves
  • Additional day tank nozzle for bulk feed
  • Pump stroke counter and leak detection
  • Bar code reader

Key features

  • Flow Rate configurations of 15, 30 and 50 liters per minute
  • Use of integrated valve bodies for reduced footprint
  • Polyethylene/polypropylene or fluoropolymer materials, depending on specific chemical and purity requirements
  • Polypropylene cabinet for acids and caustics
  • SS Cabinet for solvents
  • DI/N2 maintenance services for pumps and filters
  • DIW spray gun

Safety features

  • Segregated electrical and chemical compartments
  • Local and remote EMO
  • Cabinet leak detection
  • Cabinet door interlocks
  • Audible and visual warnings and alarms
  • Transparent door panels for viewing
  • Options for exhaust and high-flow sensors

Process flow diagrams

Configuration with source drum, single pump, single filter

Configuration with source IBC’s, redundant pumps, day tank, parallel filters


  • MTBF > 4500 Hours
  • MTBA > 2500 Hours
  • MTTR < 2 Hours
  • Availability > 99.9%