Kinetics CB 100

System overview

Kinetics chemical blending systems provide a winning combination of blending accuracy and capacity required to meet a variety of process and productivity requirements. Based on proven weight-based blending technology, the CB 100 is a medium-capacity blend and dispense system, with a maximum blend capacity of 8000 liters per day. The blending algorithm controls the quantity of chemical constituents introduced into the load cell-mounted blend tank. An optional flow-rate-based blending module is available, where each chemical is introduced by time into the blend tank at a pre-determined flow rate. The chemical blend is thoroughly mixed by recirculating through a pump and conductivity monitoring loop. The measured conductivity is continually compared to the pre-determined conductivity set-point, which has been calibrated to chemical concentration. The blend tank continues to circulate the mixture until the desired concentration level is reached, upon which the contents are pumped into the day tank and dispensed subsequently to the process tools.


  • Allen-Bradley SLC 500 or Siemens S7 series PLC
  • Allen-Bradley Panelview 550 or Siemens TP177B
    HMI, displaying:

    • System P&ID status
    • Alarm and warning screens
    • Blend and flush recipe and calibration screens (password-protected)
    • Distribution valve box status
    • Pump and filter runtime screens
    • Maintenance screens (password-protected)
  • Connectivity to factory control system


  • Flow meter-based blending module

  • Alternative metrology packages – auto-titration, index of refraction, or sonic velocity

  • Shared back-up pump for blend circulation and dispense

  • Day tank recirculation, through the distribution pumps

  • Cabinet for blend tank, up to 500 L

  • Pump stroke and leak detection

  • Radar level sensor in day tank

Key features

  • Total blend capacity of 2000, 4000 or 8000 L, depending on configuration

  • High-accuracy load cells for precise blending

  • User-selected blend recipes

  • Absolute blend accuracy of 0.1, 0.01 or 0.003 weight percent, depending on configuration

  • Up to three (3) chemical constituents, plus DI water

  • Dual-cell conductivity monitor

  • Diaphragm or centrifugal blend circulation pumps

  • Polypropylene cabinet material

  • DI/N2 maintenance services for pumps and filters

Safety features

  • Segregated electrical and chemical compartments

  • Local and remote EMO

  • Cabinet leak detection and door interlocks

  • Audible and visual warnings and alarms

  • Transparent door panels for viewing

Process flow diagrams

Configuration showing weight-based blending technology, on-line metrology, and back-up pump for blend and dispense


  • MTBF > 4500 Hours

  • MTBA > 2500 Hours

  • MTTR < 2 Hours

  • Availability > 99.9%