Chemical Blending Products

Kinetics chemical blending systems provide a winning combination of blending accuracy and capacity required to meet a variety of fab process and productivity requirements. The systems utilize proven weight-based chemical blending technology for the highest blend accuracy levels possible. Optional flow-rate based blending modules are available for chemical blends requiring high make-up rates and lower accuracy levels. A variety of blend tank and day tank sizes and configurations can be selected for specific capacity and utilization requirements. Based on Kinetics’ extensive chemical process experience, we offer several types of chemical metrology instruments, to meet your specific process requirements.

The system features a high performance blend tank, feeding qualified blend batches into a chemical day tank. Standard conductivity monitors ensure that the chemical blend hits the targeted concentration level, reliably every time. The integrated dispense module delivers accurately-blended chemical from the day tank to the fab points-of-use.

When large quantities of precisely-blended chemical are required, the CB 200’s tandem blend modules are the perfect answer. The integrated day tank stores sufficient blend quantities to ensure uninterrupted supply to the fab. For dispensing blended chemistry to the fab, the Kinetics CD 100 or CD 200 dispense systems are utilized alongside the chemical blending system.