Dump Rinser

Microkleen™ Quick Dump Rinser

General Information

The MICROKLEEN™ Quick Dump Rinsers are designed with top adjustable spray rails, external bottom fill rails, and a larger dump door. These features allow the dump rinsers to fill faster, dump in a matter of seconds and use less water. The four sided overflow weir helps break the surface tension and removes particles from the process area. The QDR’s are manufactured to be field retrofittable with little or no modification to the existing decktop or plumbing set up. The dump rinser can also be used with most QDR controllers.


  • Top adjustable spray rails and external bottom fill rails.
  • Standard 360° four sided cascading inner weir.
  • Single or dual dump doors
  • Hot DI compatible
  • Can be used with most existing dump rinse controls
  • Tanks are constructed of Polypropylene,PVDF, or Teflon.
  • Sized for wafers from 75mm to 300 mm (Custom sizes are available)
  • Viton Standard O-ring Seal (Other materials available upon request)
  • Microprocessor controller that is fully programmable and capable of multiple rinsing combinations.


  • N2 injection
  • Resistivity monitor
  • Dual dump doors for water reclaim
  • Custom sizes or configurations available, consult factory.
  • QDR available with or without controller.
  • Liquid level sensors


  • Rapid dumping of water, residual acid and particles.
  • QDR is compatible for hot DI water usage on select processes.
  • Wafers thoroughly rinsed by adjustable spray rails and external bottom fill rails.
  • Field retrofittable

MPC-301 Microprocessor Controller

MPC-301 is a compact, self-contained unit that offers multiple dump and cascaded sink options. Four discrete LED’s indicate the current system status. The controller will operate under time, liquid level, and resistivity allowing for your process requirements.