Semi-Automated wet Benches

General Information

Kinetics’ semi-automated wet benches are designed for processes using two or more processing tanks. The transfer system can be set in a front to back or left to right linear configuration and is used for single tasking. The linear transfer systems are designed to hold single or dual wafer cassettes up to 200mm or a single 300mm wafer cassette. The control system includes a PLC and color touch screen interface. The PLC is programmed to control all aspects of motion, process temperature control, and rinse features. The PLC incorporates several levels of password protection, and is capable of multiple process recipe storage. The color touch screen displays bench parameters. The touch screen has several screens for maintenance, recipe setup, tank setup,operation, and alarm status.

Servo motors are used for both horizontal and vertical motion. The servo motors, ball screw, rails and slides are placed in a separate compartment in the bench plenum that is sealed and purged with N2 to prevent any chemical attack. The sealed compartment has side or back access panels for easy accessibility and maintenance.


  • The wet stations are in compliance with most federally recognized standards.
  • GE 9030 series PLC with:
    Full PID loop and safety interlocks
    All motion control functions including adjustable speed control and multiple positioning.
    Multi-level password protection (operator, engineering, maintenance).
    Limited data logging and data publishing to local network.
  • Linear motion system
  • GE View Station CE with 10″ color touch screen interface and CE based software.
  • 24″, 36″, 48″, 72″, and 96″ shell lengths
  • Polypropylene or 304 stainless steel materials of construction.
  • Semi S2 EPO (emergency power off) mushroom switch and circuitry.
  • Photohelic exhaust monitor with audio/visual alarms interlocked with EPO.
  • Plenum liquid level sensor with audio/visual alarms interlocked with EPO.
  • Main N2 and CDA pressure interlock with audio/visual alarms interlocked with EPO.
  • Headcase panel interlock switch with EPO interface
  • N2 purged headcase
  • Cross exhaust with 360° lip exhaust
  • Clear PVC sliding face shields
  • Teflon N2 and DI guns
  • Polypropylene flow through DI water manifold
  • Casters with leg levelers
  • Exhaust transition with damper and collar
  • Top or back exhaust connections

Optional Features

  •  FM 4910 approved materials of construction.
  • Rear access bench shell
  • Dedicated drains and or carboy systems
  • PVDF or Teflon® DI water manifold
  • Fumehood style bench shell with counter weight front sash.
  • FM approved CO2 fire detection and suppression system.
  • Semi, CE mark, or other NRTL 3rd party inspection and certification.
  • HEPA/ULPA air filtration
  • Light fixture
  • Windows based PC with networking capabilities.
  • SecII/gem or plant management
  • style software programs available.
  • TEFLON end effector