Automated Wet Benches

Assures operator safety, repeatable wafer processing, scrap reduction and maximum yield

Kinetics designs and manufactures a complete line of automated wet benches, designed to provide maximum device throughput, operator safety and ease of use. Operator errors are virtually eliminated through the use of the scheduling software and the automated transport system providing highly controlled, repeatable processing of the most sensitive wafer substrates.

The system PC-based controller interface provides continuous monitoring of wafer progress through the various process baths and maximizes total wafer throughput by monitoring completion times of each process, transporting wafers through successive process baths automatically. Each lot of wafers is identified by a lot ID code and process recipes are automatically downloaded to the CPU via the onboard Windows PC-based Controller system. The database and the monitoring system may be interfaced with enterprise systems via a SECS II interface for real time monitoring and datalogging.

Wet process equipment from Kinetics uses proprietary wet bench design features in order to meet to the most stringent contamination-control demands as required for precision cleaning, wet processing operations. The company has performed various smoke tunnel tests which led to the adoption of special venting baffles and deck contours which minimize vortex entrapments of airborne particles around or above process baths. Ambient particle counts in process baths, and on wafer surfaces, are thereby minimized, providing maximum yield of successfully processed wafers.