High-volume manufacturing is when production goals rule and where Aeris excels. Customized exactly where it matters most, a full complement of wet bench process stations holds the line by adhering to current SEMI Standards.

Kinetics offers manual, semi-automated and fully automated wet bench stations and fume hoods in a variety of high-spec materials that include FM-approved PVC-C as well as stainless steel.

Operator safety and ease-of-use is central to Kinetics’ automated wet process stations. Scheduling software and automated transport systems provide optimum control and repeatability for even the most sensitive wafer substrates. With each lot tracked by an ID code, the onboard Windows PC-based controller system automatically downloads process recipes to the CPU.

Wafers flow between the process baths and are monitored and transported efficiently to improve yields and manage cycle times. Aeris adds pace to the most complex systems while never losing sight of precision cleaning and wet processing operations. In-house smoke tunnel testing by Kinetics undergirds the Aeris line, which incorporates advanced venting baffles and deck tours that minimize airborne particle entrapment.

Semi-automated wet bench systems are built from production-proven technology platforms. With a PLC programmed to control all aspects of motion, process temperature control and rise features, Aeris stores multiple process recipes, and implements multi-tiered password protection.

At Kinetics, monitoring is crucial. So, color touch screens are used to display bench parameters at every stage and step, with alarm status always present.

Even before customization begins, every Aeris product offers a notable improvement on existing and competitive systems. With expansive feature and options lists, there’s no reason why superior high-volume wet bench technology shouldn’t be considered in new, expanded or retrofit process scenarios.

Automated Benches

Margin-minded flow that emphasizes safety and meets tight specifications at high volumes. Controlling multiple variables across time results in superior yields despite the challenges.

Semi-Automated Benches

When two or more processing tanks are in play, Aeris deploys linear transfer systems designed to hold single or dual wafer cassettes up to 200mm, or a single 300mm wafer cassette.


Above and beyond: aeris semi-automated wet bench features exceed and excel

By intent and with a focus on processes using two or more processing tanks, Kinetics’ semi-automated wet benches are designed for repeatability and volume. With a transfer system set in either a front-to-back or left-to-right linear configuration, single tasking is only the beginning. These ten features alone, drawn from a list of over thirty standard and optional features, warrant serious consideration for new or retrofit applications.

  • The wet stations are in compliance with most federally recognized standards.
  • GE 9030 series PLC with:
    • Full PID loop and safety interlocks
    • All motion-control functions including adjustable speed control and multiple positioning
    • Multi-level password protection (operator, engineering, maintenance)
    • Limited data logging and data publishing to local network
  • Linear motion system
  • GE view station CE with 10″ color touch screen interface and CE based software
  • 24″, 36″, 48″, 72″, and 96″ shell lengths
  • Polypropylene or 304 stainless-steel construction materials
  • Semi S2 EPO (emergency power off) mushroom switch and circuitry
  • Photohelic exhaust monitor with audio/visual alarms interlocked with EPO
  • Plenum liquid level sensor with audio/visual alarms interlocked with EPO
  • Main N2 and CDA pressure interlock with audio/visual alarms interlocked with EPO

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