Chemical Process Systems


Few industries continue to benefit so directly from small process improvements than semiconductor manufacturing. Except those where wet chemicals are likewise employed at one or more stages. The reason? The variables in these categories of fabrication both are many as well as challenging to control.

Even inside of tightly managed facilities, chemical processing is much like the weather: All lines are local, all chemistry is situational. While some suppliers can dial their systems, controls, supplies and metrology into a reasonable range, the art and science occurs at a more granular level.

Learn how Kinetics translates the desired outcomes of manufacturers into both manual and automated wet process platforms. Get help from the technical sales support team on selecting components that merit attention.

At Kinetics, we continue the push to reduce variability without making availability, yield and volume anything less than required. Both in standard and custom chemical process systems. All because success here is literally a game of molecules rather than meters.

Core Kinetics Chemical Process Systems applications:

  • Semiconductor
  • Biopharmaceutical
  • Advanced Packaging
  • MEMS
  • Compound Semiconductor
  • Medical Devices/BioFluidics
  • PV Solar
  • Data Storage

Surface Prep

Our portfolio of wet processing systems ranges from manual to full multi-tasking automation, configured to meet your specific batch immersion, spray or single wafer application requirements.

ECD (Plating)

Kinetics specializes in pattern and alloy plating with hundreds of systems installed in leading R&D, pilot line and HVM facilities with standard and customized options available.

OEM Modules

Kinetics supports OEM equipment manufacturers by providing sub-assembly systems, that add or enhance functionality to larger processing equipment platforms.

Custom Process Tools

Partner with Kinetics’ skilled and experienced design team for custom, application-specific fluid handling and processing equipment worldwide.

Solar Cell Processing

Kinetics offers various solutions to address the requirements of photovoltaic companies for high-speed chemical processing tools at very competitive pricing.

Refurbished Equipment

In addition to our own tools, Kinetics has extensive experience in refurbished process equipment: All with the capacity to improve system flow, yields, and operator control.

THE LATEST from Kinetics…

Are you missing Safety Steps? Learn more from the Kinetics global team


At Kinetics, the well-being of people and places is paramount. Here are some of the factors we’ve learned are important. And have been recognized as such in 2018 awards to the Company from MCAA, California Pipefitters, North Carolina and AstraZeneca.

Take a look and see where you and your company can improve this year. That’s because paying attention to hazards is rarely a coincidence or after-thought, particularly when it comes to Chemical Process Systems.

  • PERSONAL COMMITMENT means each and every employee at Kinetics commits to working safely, looking out for each other, and staying vigilant on and off the job
  • NEW HIRE ORIENTATION helps form healthy patterns from the start, with mentors assigned to orient them to their job environment and potential hazards
  • PRE-TASK PLANNING allows the crew to plan their daily work, set individual expectations and first get the thumbs-up from the supervisor and site safety person
  • COMMUNICATION IMPROVEMENTS get crews, clients and contractors on the same page to help each other make wise choices every step of the way
  • SITE-SPECIFIC SAFETY PLANS are adapted as a project both gains momentum and subsequently winds down to completion