Warehouse Logistics

Kinetics provides warehousing and logistical support, including the ordering process for chemicals, slurries, bulk gases, and specialty gases.

We utilize the client’s forecasts and consumption patterns to optimize system availability and ensure that process media are always available. Based on customer forecast, we are able to support all logistical activities, to plan and execute optimized warehouse operations. Kinetics can manage the financing and construction of the warehouse and act as operator in accordance with national and local environmental regulations.

Scope of Warehouse Activities:

  • Purchasing of chemicals and gases
  • Client Forecast  Assistance
  • Stock Receipt Management
  • Product & Document Quality Control
  • Material labeling, storage & booking–according to applicable law
  • Material release, based on FIFO
  • Deviation Management
  • Empty Container Management
  • Documentation & client-specific logistical software solutions