Facility Operations


Facilities built to serve specialty markets are a different breed than your garden variety manufacturing plant. Because end products are more delicate, the equipment must be precisely calibrated. Materials being handled are more volatile, and cleanliness requirements are tighter.

From microelectronics to biotech and alternative energy to healthcare, when it comes to facility operations and maintenance, these specialty markets require careful consideration and the expertise of those who have spent years working in these industries.

Kinetics brings decades of experience to facility operations for specialty markets. Our operations experts are well versed in the competencies, processes, and tools required to manage day-to-day activities, ensuring your facility runs at peak efficiency.

We take a holistic approach to facility operations, drawing from our expertise managing a wide variety of chemical, specialty, and bulk gas supply systems in microelectronics and photovoltaic facilities worldwide. Our services are centered on the supply and disposal of chemicals, gases and other media.

With Kinetics at the helm, you’ll see results through reductions in unscheduled shutdowns and capital repairs, and extended system lifecycles. Moreover, our dedication to sustainability and environmental health and safety (EHS) means your facility will be compliant with today’s standards and best practices. EHS specifications are built right into your operations plans. This leads to facility-wide cost savings, as well as a safe functional environment.

From the incoming loading dock to the final point-of-use, the quality of gases and chemicals is maintained through strict and consistent procedures and validated through routine measurement and analysis. We can tailor operations of gas and chemical management to meet specific cost and operation requirements.

Scope of Facility Operational Activities:

  • Cylinder and drum transport and change-out
  • Blending of chemical batches
  • Routine system inspections
  • Equipment inspection and cleaning
  • System troubleshooting (minor and major)
  • Measurement & analysis
  • Quality monitoring & documentation