Alternative Energy / Solar Market


Imagine a world powered by sun, wind, and water. Fossil fuels will be a thing of the past, replaced by solar power and renewable energy resources. Years ago, this was only a pipe dream. Now we are on our way to realizing this vision.

Achieving carbon neutrality by 2050 begins with cutting greenhouse gas emissions 40% by 2030. Solar power and renewable energy are part of the solution. These markets are on a growth path as the whole world grapples with the realities of climate change.

It all begins with state-of-the-art solar and renewable energy technology manufacturing facilities. Kinetics has proven experience in providing effective mechanical and process systems for photovoltaic manufacturing, solar power generation, and other alternative-energy facilities.

Kinetics has a complete understanding of the technical and project requirements for solar power and renewable energy operations in Europe, North America, and throughout Asia. Our facility management teams have extensive experience working in solar facilities to ensure operations that are safe, efficient, and reliable. Our project experience includes solar-grade polysilicon production facilities, thin-film photovoltaic cell manufacturing sites, silicon-based photovoltaic cell facilities, and solar-power generation facilities.

Kinetics can provide engineering and construction services for a variety of facilities.

Our capabilities include:

  • Consulting on selection of the building site
  • Structural and civil engineering
  • Site construction approval
  • Program management and construction supervision

Kinetics is a proven leader in the design, fabrication, installation, and qualification of critical process materials and mechanical systems. Our complete product capability ensures a high degree of safety, functionality, and reliability for the following systems:

  • Bulk & specialty gases
  • Process chemicals
  • Ultrapure water
  • Gas monitoring
  • Process vacuum & exhaust
  • Water systems for heating, cooling, and potable uses
  • Wastewater treatment


REACH FOR THE SKY AND SCALE IT UP: Renewable energy technology takes a full-cycle manufacturing mindset and a broader perspective

Photovoltaic production and solar power generation, as well as emerging renewable energy technology, are where the dreamers and believers become pragmatists. That’s because economics merge with environmental concerns in a way profoundly different from other industries. And yet the key to making the most of every energy-minded wafer, component, turbine and array may come from well outside the alternatives market.

As pioneers in the scalable production of semiconductors as well as biotechnology and pharmaceutical facilities, Kinetics accelerates the successful production of energy technology with three distinct strategies. The way we see it, production managers responsible for new capacity at an existing plant or greenfield site should expect that any contractor who steps forward to assist must be able to demonstrate this trio of strengths.

Strategic Strength #1: SCALEABILITY OF SCIENCE is essential, where trial and short-run results are replicated across time, conditions, volume, and varying operators. Even the most promising patents are of marginal value if the ability to manage high-volume manufacturing processes is in question. For example, Kinetics works from both the macro and micro levels in parallel to balance bigger construction variables against wise decisions about process sub-systems; their safety, suitability, and scalability.

Strategic Strength #2: APPLICATION-SPECIFIC EXPERIENCE turns an already-complex build out into a series of discernable stages and steps. Here, Kinetics familiarity with more than seven systems categories is set in motion. These are brought to bear in solar-grade polysilicon production facilities, thin-film photovoltaic cell manufacturing sites, silicon-based photovoltaic cell facilities, and solar power generation facilities in Europe, North America and throughout Asia.

  • BULK & SPECIALTY GASES require adept handling, storage, transfer, and process deployment that leave little margin for error
  • PROCESS CHEMICALS carry a similar burden around safety, and must be utilized in processes efficiently, given the cost of wasted or contaminated materials
  • ULTRAPURE WATER is more difficult to acquire and safeguard than inexperienced contractors may understand; Kinetics’ functional paranoia becomes a documented plus
  • GAS MONITORING flows from an understanding of the properties and performance of gases intrinsic to photovoltaic and other manufacturing, where yields demonstrate sound choices
  • PROCESS VACUUM & EXHAUST hold the potential to accelerate or upgrade results on the one hand, or encumber process results and compromise the production environment on the other
  • WATER SYSTEMS FOR HEATING, COOLING, AND POTABLE USES are often under-designed or casually managed because they appear to be more reliable, stable, and simple than they are
  • WASTEWATER TREATMENT tests both the theoretical and practical knowledge of project partners, as the options attached to this manufacturing category are markedly different than many others

Strategic Strength #3: EXPANSIVE THINKING AND INNOVATION complement industry-specific experience in a host of ways: Are you concerned about site and subcontractor management? Benefit from tap lessons learned from commercial and industrial projects globally. Do you need insights about purity and process flow?  Kinetics draws upon life sciences applications including biochemical manufacturing. Are you plagued by regulatory implications, worries, and delays? Turn to a partner with a robust healthcare project portfolio.

Engineering, constructing, and equipping optimized facilities takes all three of these strengths.

Kinetics is confident in its competence across them, with recognized acumen even before trial runs and the first shift. This begins with consulting on site selection, taking charge of structural and civil engineering, gaining approvals, and seeing it all to completion.

To reach higher performance levels in photovoltaic manufacturing, solar power generation, and other renewable energy facilities, consult with Kinetics. Start by simply clicking HERE to scale-up your powerful science.