Data Center Market


We are in the midst of a data explosion, thanks to the Internet of Things, connected devices, and autonomous vehicles. Units of data is beyond kilobytes, megabytes, gigabytes, or even terabytes. Experts predict that by 2025, we will create 63 exabytes of data every day. That translates to over 175 zettabytes of data needing to be stored, processed, communicated, and transported.

This is not expected to slow down. Data growth and the way it is changing how we do business only points to a continued increase. Data centers are already overwhelmed by the volumes of data being produced. To keep up, data center technology and facilities must evolve.

In the near future, there will be significant changes in where data centers are located, how energy efficient they will be, what the structures themselves will look like, and even what data storage technology will be used.

At Kinetics, we follow these trends, paying close attention to how these changes will impact our approach to planning and installing facilities dedicated to mission-critical processes.

We work with you from the start, whether we are designing and building a new state-of-the-art facility or redesigning existing facilities. The efficiency of the systems can be significantly increased. Our careful procedures ensure a trouble-free conversion process to the ongoing plant operation.

Our development teams master every challenge: from designing cooling systems that effectively cool rooms with high heat generation, to installing equipment without disrupting operations of computers and telecommunications systems. Optimized manufacturing processes keep the customer costs low, and project times short.

We design, manufacture, install and qualify the following process systems for computers, servers, and telecommunications equipment:

  • Mechanical systems and piping systems
  • Cooling and condenser water
  • HVAC equipment
  • Supply and exhaust air
  • Support systems for connecting cooling towers and heat exchangers

The Latest

Data center development hinges on five trends (for starters)

In the world of data centers, crystal balls are as common as skipping stones into the ocean: Each carries the potential to send the user rapidly into the future, spinning toward scalable success or recurring sorrow. This intersection of intelligence, anticipation, judgment and action is, without a doubt, energizing.

Kinetics, with a development team ready to deploy, has found a unique, valuable place in the data center development ecosystem. Rather than presume an advantage in the predictive realm, the company’s ability to create and implement with agility has earned it the growing respect of discerning project executives.

The goal is, then, to master the implications of what often appears to be a conflicting set of variables attached to significant trends. According to sources such as the Uptime Institute, Data Center Frontier, Gartner and others, the pace and extent of change will continue unabated.

While perspectives vary, at least five are shared among those sources to a great extent:

DATA GRAVITY will concentrate more data, even as centers will use machine-to-machine and other technologies to parse, thin and then distribute more useful streams through networks.

SECURITY CONCERNS, increasingly attached to anticipated regulatory oversight, will turn government and citizen worry into potential development obstacles.

CLIMATE REQUIREMENTS will continue to shift from optional to expected to required, spurring increases in transmission costs and challenges in power generation.

DEVELOPMENT CORRIDORS will expand as real estate utilization reflects a “campus” model that many attach to their use case, even in already-dense communities

CONNECTIVITY EVOLUTION will offer incentives to balance project performance against expected competitive necessities that can’t be accurately forecast or budgeted.

As a result, Kinetics’ success in the design, manufacture, installation and qualification of systems for computers, servers and telecommunications equipment has its origins in five core strengths, each attached to past lessons, present performance and future agility.

MECHANICAL AND PIPING SYSTEMS create a platform to exercise leading technology even as it morphs in steps, stages and entire generations.

COOLER AND CONDENSER WATER PROVISIONING is much like the circulatory system of the human body, providing vital functions with unrelenting reliability

HVAC ALL-CONDITIONS SYSTEMS reflect location-specific requirements in tandem with operative technologies, many of which radically influence enclosed environments.

SUPPLY AND EXHAUST AIRFLOW MANAGEMENT accounts for—and greatly affects—data center performance optimization and the operating costs attached to data tonnage (along with density).

COOLING TOWER AND HEAT EXCHANGER SUPPORT SYSTEMS facilitate their interconnection in ways that accomplish performance goals while reducing waste and managing environmental considerations.

Kinetics, by mastering the implications of the five aforementioned trends (along with others), has become a resource for the exabyte generation of data centers—even as the storage, processing, communication and distribution of data show no sign of relenting either in pace or magnitude. Learn more; simply CLICK HERE.