Lead in the right direction; safety

Turn your values into priorities in facility management support operations

“Don’t be hard headed—always wear your hard hat.” “Live another day” (a la James Bond). These and dozens of other clever safety posters have nearly become collectibles. As responsible managers know, the goal is to avoid gathering a list of regrettable, avoidable EHS incidents: Injuries, no matter how minor, can be symptomatic of system problems that imperil people, facilities and equipment.

Kinetics, a longtime adherent to the highest standards of conduct and operations, has also emerged as a leader well beyond its own facilities and contractors. In fact, the company’s principles and practices have gained a legion of adherents around the world.

As such, four EHS ideas underpin what’s become a recognized platform for creating, maintaining and rightfully modifying procedures. That’s simply because safety is both a journey and a destination. And the latter is dependent upon the former.


In sophisticated process industries, the financial consequences of poor quality, ongoing system failures, and compromised yields are of material consequence to the enterprise: Delivering metrics is the reason for running. Herein is the first challenge to safety: the single-mindedness to perform. As such, assuming that everything—and everyone—will “fall into line” is both flawed and dangerous.

To combat this mission mania, Kinetics understands end-to-end process requirements while imparting another calculus that runs in parallel (and independently); that is that high tech industries—including microelectronics, solar, biopharmaceutical, cloud storage, and advanced R&D—are well-suited to an appreciation for form, fit and flow. Then, safety regulations are overlaid from start to finish to establish standards for compliance while avoiding the temptation to jump into rules and practices too quickly.


Kinetics centers training efforts on a belief in personal safety and responsibility. Rather than begrudging compliance, the plant culture centers on a positive attitude about the well-being of people and the places in which they work. As comes as no surprise, active leadership is the hallmark of standout EHS efforts, even as managers may move between lines and locations.

Building out this philosophy started with Kinetics in its own facilities many years ago. Suppliers, contractors and clients became part of this proven, dynamic EHS ecosystem as the company’s influence grew across process industries, plant configurations and a growing portfolio of international projects. An EDP-supported management system has turned this wise view of safety into a repeatable outlook complete with needed documentation.


Rarely do in-plant team members knowingly short-circuit prescribed production and safety protocols. More frequently, fatigue and repeated cycles erode the capacity to function at top form. Kinetics, rather than charging in with expectations of continual and flawless compliance, builds systems from the start around the OUR BEYOND ZERO outlook.

By strategically reducing physical and environmental risk factors (and continually improving processes to eliminate injuries), the requirements of HVM connect with the realities of plant operations. For example, each new hire is assigned a mentor in order to frame their individual job environment in addition to identifying potential hazards. Generalities are subordinated to specifics that can be monitored consistently from shift to shift.


With each certification, the case for joining Kinetics’ journey becomes stronger: OHRIS, DINE EN ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 are baseline levels of compliance that get attached to locally relevant and industry-specific regulations. It’s no wonder that awards from MCAA, California Pipefitters, North Carolina, AstraZeneca and others bear witness to the efficacy of the company’s outlook.

Whether the task at hand is a facility build, expansion, tool installation or ramp to production, there’s no plan too small to escape the concern of Kinetics. Work safety, environmental protection and quality management all proceed from this informed outlook. The same is true when it’s time to devise and implement safety communication protocols.

The time for hoping, praying, guessing and estimating is long gone in globally responsive industries. More importantly, the value of people who participate in the manufacturing journey means they deserve respect due simply to being fellow human collaborators. Kinetics remains at the ready, a resource for planning and readiness that keeps enterprises flowing even as materials, regulations and requirements change. Click HERE to learn more.