Help Kinetics Donate to Hurricane Victims

By now you have all seen the images on the news of the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian and the devastation it has left behind in the Bahamas. Kinetics was awarded a $25 Million + contract in 2018 to construct a new Pharmaceutical facility on the island of Grand Bahamas. The project was proceeding well until the Hurricane struck. Thankfully, all ex pat employees were evacuated to safety, but unfortunately, the local employees who were hired onto the project could not evacuate. Approximately 70 local staff Kinetics employed there (and their families) stayed on the island and personally experienced the devastation.

Thankfully, all of our local team and their families survived the storm without loss of life or injury. However, they are now faced with rebuilding their communities while the basics of water, power, shelter continue to be scarce. The locals are in need of support from the Kinetics family. Even though we are a company with a global reach, we still maintain a family environment and our Bahamian family needs our support. Therefore, Kinetics has setup a GoFundMe account to support our local staff to obtain even the very basics of life such as food, water, baby formula, etc. The GoFundMe target is $50,000 USD, with Kinetics contributing an initial $20,000 USD to the fund; we are asking our global family to contribute whatever dollar amount they can afford, so we can, not only achieve but exceed the target of $50,000 USD. The fund shall be used to purchase much needed relief items to help our Kinetics family on the island through this difficult period.

Our Bahamian family and Kinetics leadership thank you for your support.