FIFTEEN HIGH-PERFORMANCE YEARS – AND COUNTING as Kinetics win a prestigious award from Germany’s Infineon:


When a storied semiconductor manufacturer confers an award for “the most stable services provided with no interrupt to production on a low-cost basis,” there’s reason to take note. Such is the case with the 2018 Infineon Supplier Award, granted to Kinetics by the 40,100-employee German company.

With documented performance in managing Infineon facilities since 2005, Kinetics’ reliability and cost containment span multiple locations. As the Company’s involvement has grown, so has the responsibility to standardize operations while addressing the unique requirements of each site.

2003: Infineon starts a big outsourcing project and tender in the area of facilities

2004: Kinetics wins the “TCGM” (Total Chemical &amp; Gas Management) contract at the Infineon sites Munich, Villach, Regensburg and Warstein, bringing over 69 employees to Infineon: The contract represented revenue of €6 million per year for five years and a total of 81 employees with a scope including warehouse logistics for dangerous goods, bulk gases, special gases operation and maintenance, chemicals operation and maintenance

2006: Kinetics won the TCGM contract at Infineon’s new fab in Kulim Malaysia with revenue of $1 million per year for 5 years, starting with 18 employees

2007: Infineon closed the fab in Munich but built a new headquarters in Neubiberg, Germany

2007: Kinetics won the first equipment bid and hook-up jobs at several Infineon sites

2010: Extension of the existing contract is awarded for all sites for 5+2 years

2012: Kinetics built a new production building for Infineon Warstein (Building 38) with revenue of €25 million

2012 – 2018: Kinetics wins greater scope in equipment, hook ups and facility management adding waste water treatment, closing 2018 with a total revenue of &gt;€ 20 million at all sites; 12 million in TCGM, 4 million in equipment, and 6 million in hook ups

2012 – 2018: Kinetics is able to lower the costs in FM with TCGM cost per wafer stabile since 2003; headcount today on all sites at Infineon totals 173 with Villach @ 45, Regensburg @70, Warstein @ 8, Neubiberg @ 5, and Kulim @ 45

2018: Kinetics wins the global supplier award in “Services for Front-end Facility Management”, presented at a celebratory dinner in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia at the Grand Hyatt Hotel

2019: In January, Kinetics will finalize the next TCGM extension, in total 5 years &gt;€50 million