Chemie Versorgungssysteme

With an eye toward balancing advanced technology with proven performance, Kinetics represents a reliable approach to engineering, installation, operation, and maintenance. This broad and deep expertise turns every chemical delivery module into a contributor to overall process success.

Unique to Kinetics, truly modular chemical delivery meets the widest array of process applications. Because modules are configurable, they suit all requirements, from new installation, to replacement or system upgrade.

Kinetics combines powerful, productive dispense technology with ergonomic maintenance features and a full range of flow/pressure capabilities to deliver chemical dispense tools tailored to individual needs across a broad spectrum of applications.

Das Kinetics CD 100

Das Kinetics CD 100-Chemikaliendosiersystem ist ein einfaches, kostengünstiges Chemikalienübertragungs- oder -spendesystem. Das System ist sehr konfigurierbar, um die spezifischen Durchfluss- und Reinheitsgrade zu erzielen, die Ihren Tool- und Prozessanforderungen entsprechen

The Kinetics CD 200

The Kinetics CD 100 Chemical Dispense System is a simple, low-cost chemical transfer or dispense system that pumps liquid chemicals from drum or intermediate bulk containers. Capable of distributing liquid chemicals throughout the factory to various wet process tools, the CD 100 system is configured to provide specific levels of flow and purity to meet each customer’s tool and process requirements.